Who knows better than one who served on the inside and had the responsibilities that lead to creating profits.  This is someone we need to pay attention too as he imageoffers a glimpse inside the world of corporate healthcare that we normally do not get to see.  He can share the mathematical processes and how this is calculated from the beginning up, something we all need to pay attention to instead of the next OMG stories as this is where the action takes place

And Now A Word From Wendell Potter About Healthcare Reform and Medical Loss Ratios..

I think Mr. Potter might in some way agree with something I wrote over a year ago suggesting a Department of Algorithms as digital laws are needed today as the old format of words and more words is becoming dated and almost impossible to police. 

“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws?

You can read all the stories of unfairness in this business and how people are denied care due to profitability and yes there needs to be work done here but decisions made coldly on an algorithm presented on a screen when someone’s life it at hand is cold and unethical, there’s tons of this in the news, but as a society we need to acknowledge and grasp where this reality comes from and understand the folks with the data and the accelerated intelligence for profit drive this. 

No drama queens or kings are going to make any difference from consumers all the way up to Congress as they can’t govern and create laws for a process they do not understand or acknowledge.  It is what it is.  imageUnfortunately today though as it is just how we are geared, the OMG stories seem to take precedence at times in keeping us fully distracted from dealing with what is really going on behind the scenes.  The folks with the data and intelligence have all the money, can’t you see this?  That part is not brain surgery.

Mr Potter has been featured on many shows such as Dateline to explain, but again we need to pay more attention to the processes here and get with it and drop the OMG stories that keep us distracted with not getting to the core of the problems. 

Dateline NBC – Critical Condition” Investigation Into the Practices of Health Insurance Companies

Algorithms giveth and they take away as there are algorithms run for accurate results and those run for “desired” results. 

Wendell Potter Speaks About the Health Insurance Industry’s Lethal Bottom Line – The Algorithms

So in summary, this one book I will find time to read as with today’s busy schedule my reading time is so limited with books, but I get a ton of reading material from the web so no lack of information in that respect!  With the information and facts he has provided could I almost be hearing the potential of Oliver Stone perhaps knocking on his door soon!  BD 

I’m about halfway through the book, which I got as an advance reading copy. Those looking for news can safely skip the parts of the book that recount the history of the public relations industry and recap the health reform debate. Mixed in with those topics Potter gets more personal, describing his life as a journalist, then a PR man in the health care industry, and later as a whistle blower.

*A week in the life of a corporate PR exec: Monday meetings with lobbyists and executives. Daily compilations of all news coverage. Writing speeches, annual reports, investor communications. And: “I decided who was worthy of interviewing our CEO…I never let in a reporter I didn’t know…I always sat in on the interviews so I could cut them short.”image

*Potter argues that the movement toward “consumer-driven healthcare” in which patients pay a bigger share of the expenses in order to give them an incentive not to over utilize care, is really just a way for the insurers to make money by deterring people from getting care they need. He describes how internally at Cigna nobody really understood why customers would want to shift to these kinds of plans unless they were young and healthy.

Spying On Michael Moore And Dumping Sick People Overboard: Highlights From Wendell Potter’s Harsh HMO Memoir (Part I) - David Whelan - Health Dollars - Forbes


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