You can read through this article and there are several others in the news the last couple of days.  Northrup Grumman, a big contractor to HHS is bracing for layoffs in their other divisions here in California.  The contract for meaningful use will keep the data section alive with Grumman.

CMS Outsourcing Creation of “Meaningful Use” Database to Northrop Grumman in a $34 Million Contract

The LA Times stated Northrop is in pretty good shape but the customer, the US Government is out of money.  The big area of focus for layoffs is aerospace.  Also in the news too Grumman had some pretty major technical problems in Virginia and that left a bit of a bad taste out there a couple weeks ago.

State of Virginia Suffers Massive IT Outage–Managed by Northrop Grumman Affecting 26 Agencies Including DMV-Same Company To Prepare “Meaningful Use” Database

I think this is trending as we will see even more companies jump on the software bandwagon as everyone does recognize this area is moving, but how much can be spent is the other side of this coin.  I guess the good thing with competition is price but along with that we have the marketing and other stuff that goes along with it and decision making today has become increasingly difficult with all the data to be analyzed.  BD 

Washington area defense contractors are buying and selling companies at an increasingly high rate as they seek to position themselves for a realignment in Pentagon spending priorities.

As an example, Boeing earlier this year bought both cybersecurity firm Narus of Sunnyvale, Calif. and Fairfax-based Argon ST, which had lingered on the market for about six months, while Northrop Grumman announced it may sell or spin off its entire naval business.

Defense contractors on offensive


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