Recently I made a post about Bill Gates being a keynote speaker at this year’s mHealth Convention and also linked back to the events of the “The Giving Pledge” as well.  You can revisit some of this at the posts at the link below.image  is there any doubt that the mHealth Summit is going to be one of the top events of the year with mobile healthcare?

Bill Gates Named Keynote Speaker at 2010 mHealth Summit To Be Held November 8-10

Back on track here, the article states that this was a great exchange for all and that the Chinese will need to develop their own efforts and ideas, but I’m sure Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffet had quite a few to share with what we are seeing here in the US. 

Bill Gates & Warren Buffett – Call for Philanthropy To Give 50% of Their Fortunes To Help Others With “The Giving Pledge”

The article continues to say that all the “rich”attendees of China wanted to remain anonymous who attended the private dinner.  That too is how some of this got rolling in the US too with the initial big “secret meeting” that was attended by some of our celebrities who took an interest too.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Jr. and more – Billionaire’s Summit Meeting Held in New York

It did of course all come out eventually and it has set a precedence for giving back and is leading to not only some outstanding education programs but advances in healthcare and research as well.  BD

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bill Gates and Warren Buffett met a group of 50 business and philanthropy leaders today to learn about philanthropy in China, and to share their own experiences with and enthusiasm for philanthropy.

“Our hopes for this meeting were to learn about giving in China, and share our own views,” said Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. “By any measure, it was a tremendous success. We had a terrific exchange of views, and learned a great deal about the good work that is already underway.”

“We’ve both been very eager to have this meeting,” said Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and chairman of Microsoft. “We’re grateful so many people made the time to attend, and for their candor and insights. People are doing some very good thinking about how their good fortune can have a positive impact on China and the world.”

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Join Business Leaders and Philanthropists to Discuss Philanthropy in China - Yahoo! Finance


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