Here’s a quote from the press release that says it all and the big decisions these days for CIOs are how many of these do we need and how many can we afford?  There are tons of audit services out there like this and the software does what it imagesays it will do, but expect soon a new layer that will combine the data function of a company like this and another and you can add on one more transaction fee or cha ching with the process so this side of health care with analysis services just keeps feeding itself and it takes some very savvy CIOs today to be able to make decisions and determine what is really needed beyond the expertise of an average purchasing agent with general knowledge. Big hit on this one here.  In the quote below, the company executive tells you he’s selling algorithms.

By exposing our sophisticated network algorithms for uncovering duplications, combined with Just Associates’ years of experience in helping hospitals verify and maintain the integrity of their MPI, we are pleased to help HIM professionals across the country who are looking for a substantially lower-cost, yet highly accurate solution to this persistent problem.”

Companies as such also have other offerings too that may or may not be directly related to payment processing, and sometimes this part of software gets bundled in a deal and before you know it, it’s in your system and you are paying for it with the way some things are marketed today. 

Private industry are not the only ones doing this type of evaluation as our US CTO is doing the same, what is nice to have and what do we really need as all these transaction fees from multiple software companies drive up cost.  In 2009 the VA had to pull in the ropes on such matters. These are tough decisions as the marketers are pounding on the door with all types of new marketing strategies to get in. 

VA Halts 45 I.T. Projects and Will Be Required to Use Business Intelligence by Next Year

The Department of Veterans Affairs is scaling back plans to upgrade its core financial management system, eliminating the two most costly components of a project that was budgeted at nearly $500 million.  See they had to look at all their costly transaction fees too and some were shelved as federal CIO Vivek Kundra directed.   VisionShare will provide the services but ask a couple of questions, do we need it, can we afford it, and what’s the long time cost and update commitment.

VA Cans $500 Million Financial System Overhaul – Financial Transactions - The Business That Keeps Feeding Itself

For over ten years, VisionShare has securely connected a majority of the country’s hospitals with public health endpoints, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and has managed national network services to enable critical administrative transactions. By exposing the advanced, intelligent network services involved with identifying duplicate records in MPIs, each of VisionShare’s several thousand hospital customers can now benefit from the experience VisionShare has in processing over a million secure transactions each day.

For hospitals, clean master patient index data drives revenue cycle performance, improves patient care, increases provider satisfaction and is required for successfully implementing new EMR or healthcare information system (HIS) technology. The VisionShare MPI assessment services represent a critical step in alerting HIM professionals to potential duplicate records in near-real time, enabling gaps in patient care and safety to be quickly addressed.

VisionShare to Offer MPI Assessment Services | Business Wire


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