These folks just worry me to death when it comes to Health IT knowledge and trying to appropriate money and pass laws where there’s either a very low level participation factor with general consumer health IT literacy or none?  I watched the whole 2 hours back in January of 2009 and hopefully we have moved forward since and saw some BMIs in there too that need work like the rest of us.  Nobody had one clue about a PHR and little knowledge of electronic medical records that the doctors use.  By the way I have a section of over 300 posts all about PHRS and links under the resource section to help folks get started.  imageI keep the links right under the HealthCare.Gov widget on the right.

Investing in Health IT: US Senate Testimonies

I think everyone should have consumer health IT literacy and at least be familiar but I don’t feel that it works that way with lawmakers as I think there would be less requests for many reports if so.  When I see news reporters like Rachel Maddow report on the ignorance of PDF documents, I really get scared and it sends my confidence right down the river. 

The Properties of an Adobe pdf Document -Rachel Maddow Rips the GOP on Lack of General Consumer IT Knowledge And Exposes the Input and Authors of the Content–Lobbyists

Again, I just hope for more participation and hope these folks understand where healthcare is today and how mobility is there too.  I get so tired of the crap in the news that talks about how illiterate consumes are when our leaders are right in there too.  BD 

WASHINGTON – The Senate Appropriations Committee wants more details about how the Defense Department plans to modernize its electronic health record system, which DOD is upgrading in coordination with the Veterans Affairs Department.

The committee is monitoring progress the two departments are making improving their electronic health record systems, but lacks details on how that will be accomplished, according to a report accompanying the 2011 Defense appropriations bill. The committee approved the spending bill last week.

The DOD and the VA share many of the same requirements for their respective electronic record systems, which they have now begun to interconnect as part of the Obama administration's virtual lifetime electronic record or VLER project.

Senate calls for details on DOD-VA health record work | Healthcare IT News


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