These 2 are my absolute favorites when it comes to making points and using humor – it works!  We all like to laugh and there’s a lot of news out there that tells us imagethat it is good for us to laugh!  Since we are talking humor and satire, let’s take a real look at how consumers value personal health records, not their fault as the value with mobility has not been given to them yet, slow, slow non participants at the heart of this issue.

What’s On the Agenda Tonight–World of Warcraft or Work on My Personal Health Record

We are looking at the terms of “ridiculous” every time we turn around today and most of this comes down to “non participants” in general consumer IT knowledge not working and this goes for our leaders in Congress.  You know a little marketing could go a long way here as we see websites with happy people using their products, so what’ wrong with seeing our leaders using and benefiting from technology instead of the old paradigm of “its for those guys over there”. 

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This guy at the post below makes a lot of sense here more on a serious note, but explores one big question:

How do you use technology to solve some of the problems that technology has created?  If you are a tech non participant, this goes over your head.

The Importance of Being Connected and Disconnected–We Need Both and the Balance There Of In Our Business and Personal Lives

Well I’m in there to restore sanity as I get a little touch of it too with doing the blog and Mr. Stewart and Colbert are consumed and see it by the minute.  I’ll be watching this one for sure!  These guys have their hearts in the right place too!  BD 

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert will march together on Washington.

Or against each other in Washington.

Either way, expect plenty of Comedy Central fans to show up on October 30 when Stewart's "Rally To Restore Sanity" will meet Colbert's "March To Keep Fear Alive" in the nation's capital.

Stewart, Colbert: 'Rally To Restore Sanity' vs. 'March To Keep Fear Alive' (VIDEO)


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