If you are a regular reader here then you have probably heard about the West Wireless Institute in San Diego and Dr. Eric Topol who spoke at the TED conference this year and is the Scripps Director of of Translational Science.

CareFusion, Cisco and Medtronic to Collaborate With West Wireless Health Institute on Technology – Additional Grants Awarded From Philanthropists Gary and Mary West

The following month weimage have the mHealth Summit also being held in Washington DC with some big heavy hitters speaking and that event to me is looking to be probably one of the biggest mobile healthcare events to take place this year as it involves the National Institute of Health with their contributions from the science and genealogy side of things. 

Bill Gates Named Keynote Speaker at 2010 mHealth Summit To Be Held November 8-10

Mobile technology is almost developing at a pace that is faster than we can consume and understand before the next new wave appears and thus my comments in the title about aggregating some of these software programs, like what has been done on the desktop side of healthcare.  We see that in the news all the time and mergers and acquisitions are based on combining technologies to make systems more comprehensive and hopefully easier for the end users and consumers.  Speaking of consumers we need to organize the software efforts as they continue to work smartly with devices and not over run and over do the consumer too as if you have a person busy responding and having to work with too many systems, they zone out.  image

This is why studies on Participatory Sensing are important so we can basically see how we can be productive and not fry consumers and doctors at the same time as the old story goes if you walk into a store with too many choices you end up walking out with zero, so if you innovate all over the place with nobody using enough of the technology then we haven’t completed the mission. 

Participatory Sensing – Medical Devices Reporting Data for Patient Compliance

Bring on the aggregators and with companies such as Cisco and Medtronic involved, perhaps we will see this start developing.  BD 

Here’s the information from the website below:

WWHI Health Care Innovation Day DC (HCI-DC)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ronald Reagan Building

In keeping with the its mission to accelerate low cost health care solutions through innovation, the West Wireless Health Institute (WWHI) will host its first Health Care Innovation Day in Washington D.C. (HCI-DC) on October 12. HCI–DC will focus on bridging the gap between industry and government to enable a thriving ecosystem.

HCI–DC will deliver:

  • Exclusive access and valuable content: will provide 300 attendees unprecedented, interaction with industry leaders, government stakeholders and public/private funders through a combination of keynotes, panels, roundtable discussions and one-on-one networking opportunities.
  • Innovation at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): will provide insight into the $100 million VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2) including the announcement of telehealth winners from the 2010 Industry Innovation Competition. Be the first to see what projects VA is funding in the wireless health and telehealth areas. Learn directly from VA how the nation’s largest hospital system is deploying telehealth solutions.  Discover what is required to submit the most competitive proposals and business plans to obtain funding for innovative solutions.
  • Industry perspective: will showcase exciting demonstrations of wireless health solutions from a variety of leading companies.

Who should attend:

HCI–DC is open to policy makers, strategic leads, business development executives, product and technology specialists with a focus on or interest in health care innovation particularly in the areas of wireless health or telehealth. The event is free of charge, however space is limited and we will not accept onsite registration.



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