The news is filled today with all kinds of advertising and information about making sure we have healthy food, well how about healthy beer.  Nobody wants stale beer imagedo they?  I’m not a beer drinker so you could give me stale beer and i wouldn’t know the difference; however for those that feel “beer matters” here’s the application that can help you out. 

You can visit the website here and suggest new beers to add too.  What next?  For those who drink vodka, there’s vitamin enriched availableSmile

Healthy Vodka Enhanced with Vitamin B To Make Hangover Recovery A Little Easier?

The world of marketing and advertising today is nothing like we have ever seen before I must say.  BD

[] Cincinnati, Ohio - CRIRS REI, LLC today is pleased to announce MiBeerAge 1.1 for iPhone and iPod touch, an update to their app which calculates the age, in days, of any bottle or can of beer. Ideally, beer should be consumed within the first 30 days of bottling. The app allows the user to select the brand of beer, enter the alphanumeric code printed on it, and the app automatically decodes and calculates the exact number of days since the beer was canned or bottled. 24 different brands are included with regular, free updates. It also has a built-in link to the MiBeerAge website so users may contribute additional brands of beer to the app's growing library.

Feature Highlights:
* Always purchase the freshest, best tasting beer using MiBeerAge
* Simple to use, the app includes 24 different brands of beer
* Version 1.1 adds five additional brands to the spinning wheel selector
* iPad compatible version in development
* Add additional beers to the list using the in-app submission feature
* Includes sample codes for all beers listed
* Taste quality chart helps interpret results of determined age
There are numerous factors which may affect the taste of beer, but among the most important is the freshness. MiBeerAge suggests that beer 0 - 30 days old will taste excellent; 31 - 60 days, very good; 61 - 90 days, good; 91 - 120 days average; 120+ days, poor. Other important factors include: temperature (always buy cold beer), the Pasteurization process employed, the sterile filtration process, the bottle/can conditioning process, and the beer recipe.

MiBeerAge 1.1 for iOS - Decode the Bottling Date to Find Freshest Beer


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