Ok remember a while back where I said stolen drugs could be located with imageTags, well here we have a suggestion or an idea, a heat map from Bing.  The products could be tagged by “lot” number and/or products.  Obviously on a large scale we are looking at one grand “cloud” operation here.  Device and drug companies could have their own maps and of course with a synchronized FDA data base and perhaps one at the DEA some of those stolen articles could be found when someone goes to scan a product?  In case you have missed some of this click on the “bar code campaign” image and see a summary of what ideas I have been cooking up to even include the White House using them.  imageThe link is always at the top of the blog for reference any time.

So I decided to look and see if anyone has been scanning my tags and I mapped them.  You need to have over 20 scans to show up and I was impressed I have over the number needed which means folks have been scanning the tags on this blog!  The purple dots are the cell phone scans. 


The Medical Quack has been scanned over in Europe too!  I had one scan in Taiwan. 


FDA Plans Recall Data Base – Nice Still Need Tags on the Products So We Can Find Them Immediately

Anyone who reads the blog regularly knows about my 6 month plus campaign where I have been advocating 3D and2D barcodes, also known as Microsoft Tags.  If you imagehave a chance enter your vote before you leave this page and let me know if you would value being able to use your cell phone as a scanner to find recalled products, drugs, devices etc. right on the shelves. 

Microsoft Tags in Healthcare – Comments and Demonstration at “Microsoft Connected Conference” with Surface

Now with this data base they are creating, why not put a Tag on each page and have the device and drug companies synchronize their updates with the FDA?  This also gives the FDA an answer to monitoring compliance with checking to see if the “tags” have been updated, what a novel idea use some technology here, right?  This is not much different than faxes were in the early days as we had people skeptical about those too and now look where we are. 


My overall idea here is to catch recalls on devices and drugs anywhere, at the hospital, over the counter at the drug store or anywhere you look.  Here’s a tweet from a Mom who had to check 7 J and J products and said she could have used scanning technology.   

You can make a “Twitter” Tag too for practice.image  Click on the images below and try it out Twit Tag.  All you need to do here is type in your Twitter name and a “Tag” will be generated. 

TwitTag – Fast and Simple Way to Create a “Twitter” Tag – The Same 3D Bar Codes We Want Drug and Device Companies to Use So We Can Scan With Our Cell Phones To Find FDA Recalls


One simple technology with proper design and set up with encrypted tokens in the tags to keep out counterfeiters could do the trick here and finally give us an instant system to find recalls and stolen drugs.  You can use the link below to see a working model too on how a smart phone could authenticate a physician when using an e-prescribing solution for controlled substances. 

RAZCODE (Microsoft Tags) Using Smart Phones to authenticate MDs When e-Prescribing Controlled Substances

Here’s one more report by the 3 categories I have and as you can see the one called “FDA Should Use Tags” in Orange is the winner of all I have created so far. 


Please remember to vote!  Thanks much!   BD

Note: The total number of scans you have may be more than what is shown on this map. This map shows information only when the total scans is more than 20.



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