This is a great add on for Outlook, YouSendIt, and I use it when I have those occasional large files to send.  You can enroll in the free program or pay if you need  imagethe capabilities for even larger attachments.  It’s like having a built in FTP program in Outlook and you can set your preferences to ask when sending or if you like, have all your attachments go via the program.  If you have the capacity and depending on the size of the folder, you can send an entire Outlook folder too. 

This is what is seen at the recipient end with using Outlook.  If you are a physician and need to send Word documents that need secure transmission and your email is not encrypted, like using the free version of Yahoo for example, sign up for this to have SSL protection on those documents and don't’ sent HIPAA covered documents as an attachment without protection. 

There’s an iPhone version you can download as well. 


The link in the email takes me here, so their server to download so the recipient does not need an account to download.  If you purchase an account, the downloads can to up to 2gb. 



This is how it integrates with Microsoft Office, a Word Document for example. 



If you do work beyond Outlook, here’s a few more desktop programs YouSendIt will integrate with.  This makes it easier than having an FTP client set up to securely transfer files too. 


If you don’t want to integrate with other applications, there’s the basic desktop software for download, but in today’s age, I integrate everything were I can to save time.  In the related reading below I have listed some prior posts with other helpful Outlook add ons and most are free or have a freeware version, which is pretty much what I use as an individual.  Outlook is my individual CRM with all these add ons and they all work together well, so why do things the hard hard way, and again if your are an MD, look at the attachment program here seriously if you send HIPAA covered information.  BD


YouSendIt Plug-ins and Applications | YouSendIt

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