Part of the reason for the money problems may just go back to the story at the link below to where the CEO and 2 lawmakers were charged with bribery.  The hospital has made a payment last week of $1.4 million when the monthly fees are around $4 million, so it appears the money paid is a bit short as the NY Times article clip says they are $23 Million behind.  One explanation said the employees had coverage but no longer available for spouses and children due to switching to a new plan. 

MediSys Chief Fired by Hospital Board- CEO and 2 State Senators Charged with Bribery

This is actually pretty bad if money was funneled away that at minimum was supposed to be covering employee insurance benefits.  MediSys is the parent company that owns Brookdale.  BD   

About 3,400 workers at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn have lost their health care coverage, because the hospital has fallen behind in payments to its benefits fund, the union that represents many of the hospital’s workers said Thursday.

The hospital, which has recently been ensnared in a corruption scandal involving state legislators, said late Thursday night that it had fallen behind on payments because of its financial struggles. But a spokesman, Ole W. Pedersen, denied that workers were left without coverage, saying that the hospital had switched them to a new plan that covered them but not their spouses and children.

In March, federal prosecutors unveiled a criminal case in which they said that David F. Rosen, chief executive of MediSys Health Network, the parent company of Brookdale, had bribed numerous politicians — including State Senator Carl Kruger and Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr. — in exchange for grants and other political favors. All have pleaded not guilty.

Brookdale Hospital Workers Protest Loss of Health Coverage -


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