This is a great video to actually see the working machine and how it works.  I have imagewritten about the Ion Torrent machine a couple of times to include it’s debut back in December of 2010.  The link below has another video that further explains how it works.  This is pretty cool as you put in Iphone in the top to monitor the processes running if you want. 

Life Technologies Debuts Ion Torrent Machine-Cheap Genes at $500 for Single Sequence

The key was to get a very simple touch screen interface that almost anyone could use.  With an Iphone monitoring connection you don’t have to be present while the machine does it’s work.  The DNA sample goes right on the chip, the compartment is closed and then you go to the screen to set the parameters of the run.  BD 

California-based Ion Torrent’s DNA machine uses chemistry and imagesemiconductor technology to deliver fast results. Researchers can run samples, go for a coffee break and come back a few hours later.

SmartPlanet’s Boonsri Dickinson visits Ion Torrent to find out how its portable DNA machine could impact genetic testing.

How a DNA sequencing machine uses computer technology to make testing fast | SmartPlanet


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