The software, as it says now, doesn’t report back to the company and we also know that another company, Progressive does do such a thing, so how long before imagethis one reports, we don’t know or if it will until a substantial profit or savings area arrives from it’s use.  You can add this application to all the multiple mHealth apps you are just biting at the bit to use:)

In reading the comments, it’s funny to see obviously a younger group already talking on how to “game” it.  If one wanted to try it out once or twice maybe to see how you drive, then ok but I would not see using this all the time as it would drive me nuts to have one more mobile application demanding my attention.  BD

Like your tattletale little sister in the passenger seat, State Farm is there.

The auto/home/life insurance giant has recently started advertising the new Driver Feedback app for iPhone. The free app uses the iPhone's sensors to measure your acceleration, cornering and braking habits, then calculates a score based on how you've done. If you're famed in the family for your jackrabbit starts, high-speed two-wheel turns and jamming on the brakes, chances are good that your score will be low. Drivers who take the Family Truckster out for a more sedate spin get a higher score.

State Farm app can monitor your driving performance


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