So far the enrollment has reach about 18,000 consumers, far short of the 375,000 that were slated to be able to gain coverage, why, probably because it’s still not affordable and thus we have the premium cuts in place.image

Some patients are turned down because of high cholesterol and the pre-existing condition plans have approved them.  You don’t really know you are a risk until you get turned down for insurance one the risk algorithms are run that determine this fact.  This is why when people apply for health insurance it’s best to apply to the masses at once and this way you don’t have to answer the question if you have been turned down when you apply, because officially you don’t know at that point if you will or will not be turned down. 

The program runs until 2014 when the new law states that all applicants for insurance will be accepted.  That is going to be an interesting space in time for health insurance when it gets here too.  BD 

WASHINGTON — The government is cutting premiums by up to 40 percent in nearly two dozen states and implementing other changes to make it easier for people with pre-existing medical conditions to get health insurance.

The move Tuesday comes as enrollment in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan continues to lag far behind expectations, often because people can't afford the premiums or find it too hard to meet enrollment requirements.

The insurance program, part of President Barack Obama's signature health care law, began last summer. It offers health insurance to people with medical problems at prices the average healthy person would pay, although that's not necessarily cheap.

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