Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are already using Citrix as their VPN log on to gain access to the network so this looks like it will be very popular as you can see it works directly with Ipads with the Kaviza Desktop that makes it simple, key word there…simple.  Also, the Kaviza Desktop Client can be run in a kiosk mode to always load a specific virtual desktop at an end-point so here’s the answer to a specific connection to a kiosk in a hospital, lab of whatever. 


With purchasing the VDI in a box the Kaviza desktop comes along free with the purchase.  Kaviza Gateway uses SSL-tunneling and eliminates the need for a VPN, nice as this helps keep things affordable too.  VMware ESX, ESXi and Citrix XenServer are supported, so if you are using one of those products you know the integration is there.  A Microsoft license for each runs $100 subscription a year unless the customer is enrolled in the customer software assurance program and then it is included in the that cost section. 


VDI can be rolled out at the cost of a PC or less and after watching the configuration of the templates on the video it looks pretty straight forward.  BD  

San Francisco » 5/23/2011 » Today, Citrix Systems announced it has closed its acquisition of Kaviza, makers of the market-leading all-in-one “VDI-in-a-Box” solution for small and medium business. The acquisition adds a unique VDI-only solution to the Citrix portfolio—allowing the company to further expand into the small and medium business market and accelerate its leadership in desktop virtualization across all market segments from small organizations to large enterprises. The Kaviza “VDI-in-a-Box” product complements the market-leading Citrix XenDesktop® product line for enterprise-class desktop virtualization.image

“The union of Kaviza and Citrix is a natural fit that will benefit our customers and channel partners. We founded Kaviza and created “VDI-in-a-Box” specifically for small and medium customers whose needs have been underserved by existing solutions. By joining Citrix, we will be able to leverage the benefits of increased investment, global presence and a large channel footprint. This represents a win for small and medium-sized businesses that want to adopt desktop virtualization across their organizations,” said Kumar K. Goswami, co-founder and CEO, Kaviza.

“For several years, clients have requested all-in-one server appliances to meet the desktop virtualization needs of their small offices and branch offices. In 2009, I called on the vendor community to meet this requirement and several responded. Here we are, two years later, and there is a bigger need due to the growth in desktop virtualization. Without question, low-cost desktop virtualization in-a-box solutions extend the operational, security and TCO benefits common in large-scale virtual desktop deployments to the small or branch office,” said Chris Wolf, research VP, Gartner.

Kaviza VDI in a Box

“We partner with Citrix, Microsoft and Kaviza, and we are very excited by the new opportunities this creates both for customers and for our company.  VDI-in-a-box is game-changing with its simplicity and affordability, and now with the support of Citrix, it becomes a no-brainer,” said Brian Bradley, VP business development, Blue-Chip Consulting, LLC.

Citrix Systems » Citrix Extends Desktop Virtualization Portfolio with Acquisition of Kaviza


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