Everybody seems to want to create the applications that are going to get consumers involved but don’t hold your breath:)  I like technology and do see how it saves time and money and “can” create better care but not at the rate we are imagegoing.  I’m getting flat out exhausted just trying to cover some of the stuff that has value and yes you heard that right, not all of it has value and we have developers writing software in some cases “just because they can”, and few or nobody uses it, so what’s up with this?  It doesn’t stop and next week there will be a bunch more apps out there. 

The sad reality is that folks in the Health IT consumer area just flat out keep falling on their faces with all of this and heck most of the folks that write this stuff usually don’t have the time themselves to use it, so how in the world is anyone else going to get excited about it?  These products are just flat out boring and useless.  What’s even more obnoxious is the fact that we have not one but four separate applications, so haven’t these folks heard about aggregation and putting all into one?  That’s what’s going on in other areas of healthcare.  Do I have time to read their report, not here with all the healthcare information I read, it’s just one more site saying the same thing, we are overloaded.


Now we do know about data for sale these days too and how both websites and devices capture all of this so again this is a well known and documented fact, so who wants the software anyway when we create data for sale?  I’m not picking on GE in particular, but I would much rather see them pay a few more dollars in taxes than to wither away more money for this.  We all know education is needed and software and device are not the total answer, it’s still the people business to where we still communicate, or at least last time I looked:)

How Data Mining Gets and Sells Your Information From the Web–Multi Billion Dollar Business And It Is Subsidizing Healthcare Every Where You Look…

Last week we had 2 more start up companies doing the same thing, creating online solutions for helping people decipher their medical bills, so why don’t thee 2 work together?  Everyone is selling and marketing their ass off today.  I also like to read about some of the folks that report how some of this software is going to set the world on fire and how valuable they think it is, and they don’t use it either but have this continuing burning desire to convince everyone they need it, in other words “its for those guys over there” again. 

Two More Medical Billing Start Up Companies Create Dashboards for Health Insurance Benefits/Payments-Over Crowded Area of Healthcare IT and Few Consumers Use

I used to write software so I feel that I’m in spot where I can rant a bit as everything doesn’t make it and we are spending more time and money on useless healthcare applications that nobody or few will ever touch.  Last week I caught an opening for a job, a Sleep Marketer.  If people were really concerned and most of us know when we are not getting enough sleep, we wouldn’t need a marketer to sell it and we would rush to find solutions, but again the solution for getting sleep is not software.  It can diagnose sleep apnea well and with testing give us some real solutions but not for the average person at night to feel they have to be connected and analyze each night’s sleep and that’s the market they are trying to create, lack of balance and marketing on steroids. Joe Biden has shown us there’s no problem catching a few winks when we need it, no matter where we are:)

Sleep Marketing–Healthcare Companies Looking to Market and Commoditize Our Habits–Snoozing Marketers Unleashed

So in closing, GE and everyone else out there where this fits, get a clue and send some of this money to philanthropy or pay more taxes.  Sure we need a lot of money for research and development and that’s a given and funding should continue but knock off the consumer apps and redundant and some times ridiculous marketing.  I would rather see patients get care rather than to see more apps flooding the market that few or nobody will use.  BD 

GE has launched the 2010 healthymagination report entitled "Healthcare Touches Everyone." The report details the innovations in the fields of technology and medicine and celebrates both the people behind these advancements and those benefiting from them. Seeking to build stronger relationships between patients and doctors, GE created healthymagination to gather, share and discuss healthy ideas.



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