Pharmaceutical companies are in a strange spot with FDA regulation and remember everything you put on Facebook get connected in some fashion or another and it’s not like there’s a shortage on the web for pharma information and feedback.  As the article here states some will just say “never mind” and that will be the end of it.  image

I really don’t see what true value pharmaceutical companies get as a whole from being on Facebook and for goodness sakes it’s not the end of the word as it does take maintenance here as well.  Also the non commenting has also somewhat protected consumers too from posting items that they would want to maybe forget later as you do have to remember that insurers mine all this stuff too, so you wouldn’t want to discuss an overdose or abuse of a drug on the site if you were smart as the whole world would know and if you didn’t address your privacy issues you could end up on one of those Facebook ads.  It’s not in bad taste at all for phama to give it up as everything is not a true good fit in the world today.  In the mHealth area many companies have dropped their mobile applications due to lack of interest anyway.  Facebook is not going to miss a few websites from drug companies anyway, as they are just a drop in the bucket number wise. 

Pfizer, J&J & Merck Remove Health IPhone Apps-Realization of the Need for “Meaningful Mobile Apps” in Healthcare And Little Value With Apps that Only Do “One Thing”

If I were a pharma company I would question what benefits are derived from there anyway whether comments are allowed or not allowed.  If you have a good drug and product, some consumer will put a positive post on there for you anyway, or if the opposite is true so get yourself set up with a big “Pharma Data Scraping Tool” so you can follow all of this and have it auto mined if looking for feedback and commenting.  BD 

Facebook sales reps told pharmas last week that they can no longer disable commenting on their pages.

In the past, companies could ask reps to disable commenting on their pages. No more.

“Starting today, Facebook will no longer allow admins of new pharma Pages to disable commenting on the content their page shares with people on Facebook,” Facebook told pharmas in a May 17 email posted by Intouch Solutions on its blog. “Pages that currently have commenting disabled will no longer have this entitlement after August 15th. Subject to Facebook's approval, branded Pages solely dedicated to a prescription drug may (continue to) have commenting functionality removed.”

The policy change, said Facebook, “supports consistency for the Facebook Pages product and encourages an authentic dialogue between people and business on Facebook.

Facebook: pharmas must enable comments by August 15 - Medical Marketing and Media


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