Well you would have to be living under a rock not to be aware of the recalls on the DePuy implants.  Here’s another company that offering monitoring, GPS, etc. on that implant.  In addition the company has software that assists the surgeon during imagesurgery to ensure a proper placement.  You can read further and see that Stryker is one of their partners.  With the implant your knee can be monitors and condition sent back at all times via wireless and your knee data of course will be stored in a cloud network.  At this point I say hurry up with stem cells that can regenerate growth so hopefully I won’t need wireless in my knee, but that’s my own personal opinion here.  Perhaps when I get into a new Ford vehicle this will integrate to tell me when my knee is about ready to take a dump when I apply the brakes:)

Orthopedics Implants

The software for the surgical procedure looks good though and anything that helps with better placement is ok by me. The company is also stating via the software that they can integrate right into your medical records, personal health records an so on.  Looks like more big money for Health IT integrators here.  The software will generate warning signs upon potential fail of a device, bone degradation and you will have a full business intelligence type report on that knee.  The video below explains how the implant works with the implant. 

Sensors in the knee

The obvious answer of course is to build a good knee that wouldn’t require all of this monitoring but we are not there yet, but keep in mind this is one more item that comes to live within your body.  It also appears from the picture that all the information and reporting has an IPad version, so the analytics are covered here.  Again, interesting technology for audit trails for the implant and so forth, but again do you want one more device in your body?  The surgical interface though looks good for allowing surgeons to place and optimize the implant for sure and no problem there with development in that area, but also keep in mind there are many others who offer such software too and I think all companies in the orthopedic business have a graphical interface as it simply can see better than the naked eye.  The bottom line of all of this is to save cost as the company states on their website.  BD  

OrthoSensor’s Sensor Assisted Surgery platform provides kinematic data that monitors both soft tissue balancing and alignment. Sensor data is transmitted wirelessly via radio frequency (RF) telemetry to imageOrthoSensor’s external signal processing and monitoring system, informing the surgeon, hospital or patient.

Intra-operatively, OrthoSensor’s graphic user interface (GUI) displays real-time, dynamic feedback during surgery to quantify appropriate soft tissue gap balance. With OrthoSensor Intelligent Implantables—implant devices with embedded sensors—the system will facilitate ongoing assessment of the device’s load, stability, and overall functionality.


OrthoSensor’s technology platform will enable evidence-based orthopedic surgery and comparative effectiveness by streaming data from the surgical suite, physician’s office or the patient centered medical home. The ability to wirelessly transmit the data demonstrating optimal surgical techniques or the effectiveness of various treatment protocols will help enhance clinical outcomes, while reducing cost.

Wireless Systems and GUI | OrthoSensor


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