This is horrible and the most recent reports state that 24 are dead.  This must have been one more huge tornado and I hope they stop soon.  Here are a couple images that were posted on Twitpic of St. John’s Hospital. 


One more image from another site here.  I also read somewhere else on the web that the hospital caught fire but everyone was evacuated and there was a reported gas leak. 


A video on YouTube from the Weather Channel also shows the devastation and at the end you can see some additional footage of the hospital.  The news stated that they had a plan for preparedness and were moving patients to other hospitals.  When you look at the video everything is just hanging out of the windows at the hospital.  BD 

St. Johns Hospital and Community Damage

JOPLIN, Mo. -- Joplin, Mo., was hit hard by a tornado early Sunday evening, including reports of 24 deaths and major damage to St. John's Hospital.

St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin has been fully evacuated and patients are being treated at multiple places throughout the region including Freeman Hospital in Joplin and St. John's in Springfield. St. John's Joplin had 183 patients in the hospital at the time of the tornado.

Laura Keep with St. Edward’s Mercy Medical Center in Fort Smith said St. John’s Hospital in Joplin and St. John’s Hospital in Springfield are both in the Mercy system

Tornado Hits Joplin, Destroys Hospital; 24 Dead - NW Arkansas News Story - KHBS NW Arkansas


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