For a little history we can go back to the Omnicare with the nursing facilities and seniors so this is coming full round here with the recent case and J and J has put money aside with anticipating some major expenses.  Back in 2009 Omnicare paid out their share of fines of $100 million.  Risperdal a couple years ago has now gone generic and the marketing could have been related to anticipating the date when the patent was gone.  BD

Omnicare, Johnson & Johnson, Risperdal, Whistleblowers and Legal Woes Back in the News Againimage

Omnicare Agrees to Pay Close to $100 Million To Settle Case with Justice Department – Paying and Receiving Kickbacks From Ivax and Johnson and Johnson

Oh, if were given a nickel, or a penny, or even one tenth of one penny, for every dollar coughed up by the pharmaceutical industry in fines for improper drug marketing, we’d be blogging poolside from the roof our our own Caribbean hotel while these guys played live behind us, over and over, day after day.

And were that the case, we’d quite possibly get a lot richer very soon.

Turns out, federal prosecutors are seeking roughly $1 billion to resolve a long-running probe into Johnson & Johnson’s marketing of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal. That’s right, $1 billion. Click here for the WSJ story.

In its latest filing Tuesday, the New Brunswick, N.J., company said it had set aside an unspecified sum to settle potential civil and criminal charges.

J&J said its discussions with the government “are ongoing and it is inappropriate to speculate.” Spokespeople for federal prosecutors in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., said they don’t comment on such matters.

Feds Seeking $1B From J&J Over Risperdal Marketing - Law Blog - WSJ


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