There are 2 new start ups that basically can carry items that you could pretty well put in your Personal Health Record and actually that’s what these folks should do is pair up with personal health record companies so we don’t yet have one more place to go get information we need.  Some pharmaceutical companies have reduced their mobile applications as they were not used so will the consumer run over to these 2 new start ups?  Both were written up on Tech Crunch and you can bet the author who wrote this isn’t using either program:)

Being I have billed and wrote a medical records system years ago and try to bring in real life situations, shoot there’s doctors and patients who don’t even know what a PHR is and I could almost bet that you may not find many who work at these 2 companies using their own software, as it takes time and yet one more place to go with healthcare information.  First of all there’s Simplee which is free and on the web and I could be wrong but given those 2 parameters in healthcare there could be some anonymous data profiling and selling going on here. 


The next is Cake Health and it’s kind of the same thing, log in, create an account and go forward and again profile and scraping I’m assuming are in line here too.


Getting the information from insurance carriers is nothing new as many IPAs already do this and provide it for members and also allow communication services with their doctors as well, so again a stand alone that is not connected with some other types of services when they can be had like this all over the place today, well don’t know how much demand there will be for a couple new start up stand alones.  A year ago Intuit did their study as they have their product, Quicken Health Expense that works with many insurers as well. 

Intuit Does a Study That Reveals Most American Do Not Understand Medical Bills and and EOBs – Not Big News Here

Intuit last year bought another company trying to expand their sales and efforts here too so again how much consumer interest and is this an over crowded field? 

Intuit Acquiring Medfusion and Will Build On To Integrate with Quicken Health

We just have so much duplication in healthcare and it takes time to sit down and do all of this and again as mentioned above I can bet the folks that create these problems are probably not avid consumer Health IT users themselves but rather wrote some algorithms to pitch and make money through other areas than subscriptions from consumers, i.e. anonymous profiling data for sale or something along that line.  BD 

Just like with Mint and your financial accounts, you give Simplee access to your medical insurance accounts. It then brings in all of your medical, dental, and pharmacy bills and presents them in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Simplee tells your total medical costs, how much you’ve paid out-of-pocket, your deductible, and how many doctor’s visits you and your family have had.

This is all pretty basic information, but health insurance statements are so obtuse that most people have no idea how much they spend on health care. I know I don’t. Simplee does a good job of breaking it all down and showing you what you’ve spent, how much your insurance has paid, what you’ve paid, and how far along you are towards your deductible. It does this for every member of your family under the same insurance plans

Simplee Makes Your Medical Bills Understandable


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