I know there are mixed emotions about this but darn in healthcare it is truly needed as it’s getting to be more difficult to distinguish what is in fact flat our marketing versus valuable information, period.  In doing this blog I look every day at what comes in to my mail box and it’s about 90% marketing and about 10% valuable imageinformation and this covers everything from new devices, to another expert on what you should eat, someone who wrote a book and diet plans and more. 

Why Is Almost Everyone In Healthcare Marketing Their “Ass” Off

With the do not follow you may not have marketers on your case with products that do no apply or would not be in your best interest.  You may end up with a potato chip company following you with marketing at the same time as another company with a smashing new diet plan so they cancel each other out anyway.  It’s bad enough that our prescription data gets sold all over the place for marketing from those areas and gee whatever you do, keep your information on Facebook vague. 

You Are the Product–Privacy Anonymity and Net Neutrality On the Internet - Excellent Stanford University Lecture (Video)

I originally posted this video at the link above and maybe time for a second look here for those who missed it the first time.   It’s a long video of at least 30 minutes but you will get educated with this lecture done by Stanford University as you are the product. 

I’m not too overly concerned about minimal data collecting but when it is queried and connected to other data for full on viral type of marketing products and services with the possibility of 3 or more data bases combined, they know a little too much.  There lies the danger zone and geeks can run queries and find information with manual queries as I myself used to match up some very obscure data bases for interval workings of a program that needed to match for records but not for any use outside of the program and on the web they do the same thing.

Company Advertisements Get Caught Making False Claims And Are Called to Task And So Much of This Activity is in Healthcare

If we had not had this recent explosion in marketing and selling “us” as products I really don’t this this would have become such a big issue, but since folks figured out how to cash in requery and rebuild data for sale, it imageis an issue now and with a choice, people could opt out.  Now how this is going to be enforced is another big question as what happens if you end up being marketed when you have chosen to opt out?  You will know when the spam and other marketing material rolls in beyond the daily routine spam we get.    

We are ending up with the “best healthcare system ever sold”, just like the recent movie that exploits product placement, so consider yourself another brand of product placement if you will and it’s not where I want to be so I hope the law goes through.  BD

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” Just Like “The Greatest Healthcare System Ever Sold”- Same Paradigms-Colbert Report (Video)

Sen. John D. Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) on Monday introduced an online “do not track” privacy bill that would allow consumers to block Internet companies from following their activity on the Web.

The Do-Not-Track Online Act of 2011 comes amid increased attention by lawmakers on creating privacy rules for the Internet. The White House has called for such rules but has not supported a specific mandate that would block companies from tracking users.

Rockefeller, chairman of the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, said in a statement that recent reports of privacy breaches show that companies have too much freedom to collect user data on the Internet.

Sen. Rockefeller introduces ‘do not track’ bill for Internet - Post Tech - The Washington Post


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