Back in August of 2010 the company had some issues with delayed payments and probably a good reason for their search to find a solution.  In addition the company has grown with the acquisition of Unisys Health and Abri Health along with moving into the Texas area. 

Molina Delayed Medicaid Provider Payments in Idaho– Working to Get the System Fixed–Good Example of Why IT Literate Individuals Need to be in Key Positions To Explain & Fix

Centricity has been around for a long time in the medical record business and I might say they were one of the first and highest priced and today I don’t know if the pricing still holds true when compared to other systems as I would guess the contract here with several locations and physician connectivity is good sized.  I know finding the Centricity page for this post was difficult and I gave up as I looked under all their consulting areas and saw mention of Centricity but ran out of time to look further for a dedicated page, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere.  image

If you want to search yourself here’s a link to the “Business Solutions Group” which is where I would guess more information would be placed.  With marketing today we have a lot of duplicate efforts and I guess the key is to be found in search engines more than one time and over the weekend I made this post about another GE site they came up with too, so they believe in marketing and coverage I guess and duplication of efforts.  I noted the one site below had 4 mobile applications that I think would have been better served under one as consumers are not jumping on the bandwagons of all these applications that get written today, so much duplication there too.  BD

GE Creates HealthyMagination Report and Website–Ho Hum One More Site With Consumers Apps That Will Probably Bite the Dust Like Many Others Have

BARRINGTON, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--After a five month search in which it evaluated all the leading vendors, Molina Healthcare chose Centricity* Practice Solution (CPS) from GE Healthcare as its primary platform for electronic medical records and practice management. However, the staff at Molina Healthcare is confident it won’t take nearly as long after implementation for Molina to realize the benefits.

“We are thrilled that Molina Healthcare selected Centricity Practice Solution to be the IT backbone for their EMR and Practice Management across their entire system”

“Centricity Practice Solution has the flexible tools that will help Molina enhance the quality of care and practice profitability,” said Sonny Patel, Molina’s Director of Technology Projects and Clinic Operations. “We are confident that GE will be there to support us today – and tomorrow.”

Molina, a 16-state healthcare system serving 4.3 million Medicare and Medicaid patients and families, selected CPS 9.5 based on the tool’s strong clinical and financial management integration and its comprehensive functionality for practice administration and electronic medical records (EMR) .

Molina Picks Centricity Practice Solution from GE Healthcare | Business Wire


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