This is something that all of us humans and others who walk the face of the earth have been doing since the beginning of time, but now healthcare companies have created a market for this.  Gee, we don’t know how to sleep anymore?  Granted there are some real life situations for having sleep patterns checked for detection of sleep apnea for sure, but I can’t help but think that imagesome of this is to get you to buy devices and become more dependent on knowing whether or not you are getting a good night’s sleep and so far my body does a good job of letting me know. 

With so much data collecting and marketing going on out there today, the last thing I need is someone marketing a device to me so I can analyze my sleep patterns and I kind of like to think my body can do that for me.  Now to be a sleep marketer it takes a 4 year degree to step into these shoes too and one must know how to market doctors and be up to date on coding for insurance carriers and Medicare, as we have to get all this covered to sell products, and furthermore the job description states you must have solid working relationships with external stakeholders (shareholders maybe) and executive leadership. This is quite a list of essentials required to market sleep.  The whole idea here is to create a feeling of lack and insecurity to make one feel they could sleep better I think. 

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” Just Like “The Greatest Healthcare System Ever Sold”- Same Paradigms-Colbert Report (Video)

Again I thought this was an interesting job title here with now we are being convinced that we can’t sleep without analytics to tell us so and again get that coding right so reimbursements flow in and hey let’s sell this data too so we have some statistics on how many in the US are sleep deprived and depend on devices to help them out:)  Of course this too could be used in risk management to determine other factors as well, such as premium payments and gee who would want to insure one who has bad sleeping habits or has analytics that reflect such:)  The link below gives some additional insight into marketing of the data and who knows, we are not physically working there and we really don’t know exactly what they are doing with the data, but all the capabilities are alive and well today. 

How Data Mining Gets and Sells Your Information From the Web–Multi Billion Dollar Business And It Is Subsidizing Healthcare Every Where You Look…

In addition to the marketing there’s even new products being developed, like pajamas with a chip that record your breathing habits and so forth.  This might be a good way to test for Sleep Apnea but I don’t want to sleep in chipped PJs imageevery night! 

So be ready for the “sleep marketer” as the next potential person out there to make you feel a bit less secure about the rest you get today as the job as do all marketing jobs will need to first of all convince you there is a “need” before the sale can take place and this is just old marketing 101 concepts here.  I think we all know when we are not getting quality sleep and would tend to seek help ourselves for the most part as there are real situations where this does occur, but the marketers are coming to make you feel just a bit less secure about your own body’s interpretations soon. 

Perhaps in time though this will take the place of the “evil” over weight people we hear about today and we’ll have a new group to flog, “the evil non sleepers” that are costing us money in healthcare as that’s the way most of this gets played out in the news today.  We tend to have issues with placing data analytics value in the right places today and this is on that sits right on that edge. 

One thing for sure though is I don’t think Joe Biden will be on their list as he seems to have no problem what so ever nodding off when his body says so:)  Next time when I need more sleep I’ll just be pulling off a “Biden” snooze whenever I need it too as it seems to have become totally acceptable, no matter where you are today:) BD

Responsible for leading all marketing efforts for the company's sleep product line including: development of marketing plans, budgeting and strategic planning, product promotion, messaging, and program development.

Works collaboratively with Sales, the VP Marketing, and Sr. Management.

Performs other related duties as directed by supervisor

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