This was a nice video done by the Wall Street Journal that focused on a doctor’s point of view for a big part of it.  What was mentioned though is the fact that they don’t communicate outside the system and that’s totally true as back in 2009 Kaiser and the VA announced their pilot program to exchange records and since that time there are a few others out there too. 

The VA and Kaiser Permanente to Exchange Medical Records in San Diego – Pilot Program

Also worth a mention too was the collaborative group set up in April of 2011 with sharing information via some of the other large healthcare facilities in the US, so again the connectivity issue and sharing is in the works. 

Mayo Clinic, Geisinger, Kaiser Permanente, Intermountain Healthcare, and Group Health Announce Plan to Securely Share Patient-Specific Data Through Care Connectivity Consortium

They also have their new state of the art facility in Washington DC that has tremendous modern learning center.  I remember the story being here in California how they originally tried internally to create their own system and changed directions and decided to award the project to Epic, which is not a bad thing as all as you have to look at your internal IT and programming resources and sometimes it’s too costly or not as productive as have a system installed that has a lot of the work already done for you.  Without a lot of the outside disruption that is faced with other healthcare systems, I think they were able to focus and work on their goals in a more productive manner as they were all on the same system and didn’t have to connect facilities internally that were using different software solutions. 

Kaiser Permanente Opens State of the Art Facility in Washington DC-Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center

I have had the pleasure here too with a couple of interviews with Kaiser employees, one a doctor and the other with the head of their Innovation Department.

Kaiser Permanente Pediatrician Patricia Richards Explains How The Use of Electronic Medical Records Enhances Knowledge With Obesity and Adds Focus to the “Let’s Move” Obesity Prevention Campaign
Innovation and Learning at Kaiser Permanente – Interview With Chris McCarthy

Kaiser Permanente, the health-maintenance organization giant, is a leader in the health-care sector's shift to digital archives of patient health records, without waiting for the federal government's push. But, as MarketWatch's Russ Britt reports, the journey has been costly and marked by false starts. Nevertheless, doctors at Kaiser say they've accomplished what they were looking for.

Video - California HMO's Bid For Digital Patient Records -


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