Germany is also considering criminal charges from the results of two cases where the treatments did not go right, which included a death of an 18 month old boy who imagedied after stem cells were injected into his brain and another 10 year boy who was left severely disabled.  We always think of stem cell treatments being safe but when it comes to around the brain, that’s a while different concern.  If you go to the site, this is what you now see below.  BD  

“Due to a new development in German law, stem cell therapy is currently not possible to perform at the XCell-Center. Regretfully for this reason, we must cancel your appointment until further notice. We will notify you for further updates about the matter. For us to keep you updated then please fill in the form below”

BERLIN, May 10 (UPI) -- German authorities say they've closed down a controversial clinic offering unproven stem cell treatments for a variety of physical conditions.

The XCell clinic had been treating disorders including cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury, reported Tuesday.

The clinic had been operating under a loophole in European regulations that allowed some treatments already in use when new regulations regarding stem cell procedures took effect to continue for 18 months without formal approval.

Germany shuts down stem cell clinic -


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