This is interesting to see the twists and turns of an idea whereby private companies were originally committed to keep up the development of the project, and right now everyone is so very busy with their own Health IT work, I think they all ran out of time to dedicate to the program, but good intentions were at the onset.  You can read more at the link below on the reorganization and new branding efforts.  This is pretty much a sign of the times today with emerging healthcare technologies and now we have the unique HIE program that move in new directions. 

Government CONNECT Project Gets Rebranded–Two Former ONC Staff Members Formed Alembic Foundation To Continue Development Now Named Aurion

Even today the best made plans are subject to change at any time. It sure is getting to be a bear and huge expense item today in Health IT to connect so many proprietary software systems, but that’s what we have today and why the cost is so high and kind of too bad that collaboration didn’t enter the picture sooner.  BD 

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology imagehas awarded a contract to CGI Federal Inc. to continue development of the federally funded CONNECT downloadable health information exchange software.

The contract is valued at $5.7 million during the first year and includes four one-year options. Open source firm Red Hat will be a partner to CGI.

ONC-Funded CONNECT HIE Software to Get Fixes


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