I have seen and heard just about everything electronic that wants to communicate imagenow. I guess you can call this the “revenge of the vices” for devices.  It will also tether to a cell phone in later versions.  When an individual walks by where the Blu packages are sold the pack vibrates and it also serves as a charging unit. 

The part about connecting to a smart phone and reporting back to a doctor is interesting but I guess it could be useful for someone who is stopping?  I’m not exactly sure how that would work.  It is also supposed to buzz when someone else who has a unit is close by. 

I don’t know anything about the e-cigarettes as far as if they cause any harm or not but I guess they are acceptable indoors as there’ no smoke. We all know everyone is on the location kick to let everyone know where you are and I guess the social part is bringing together others who have pack but it costs $80 with 5 e-cigarettes inside.  I can’t figure this one out as one’s cell phone does that and it’s an extra cost to have a wireless pack.  This is one for strange and beyond and they say only 1 out of 100 wireless devices make it and I’m not putting any money on this one:)  BD

Companies have started adding the ability to communicate wirelessly to an increasing range of devices, like tablet computers, cars and refrigerators.

Blu, the maker of electronic cigarettes that release a nicotine-laden vapor instead of smoke, has developed packs of e-cigarettes with sensors that will let users know when other e-smokers are nearby.

E-cigarettes have several obvious advantages to their traditional counterparts. They allow users to avoid bans on smoking in public places because they release only water vapor. Mr. Healy and other e-cigarette manufacturers also claim that they have practically no negative health effects — an assertion that draws skepticism in many quarters. But the devices are also, in their own way, gadgets.

The packs also conveniently vibrate when a smoker nears a retail outlet that sells Blu cigarettes.

Later versions will be tethered to a smartphone through an app, allowing more options for real-time communication, Mr. Healy said. The company also plans to develop a system through which the packs will monitor how much people are smoking and report back to them — or to their doctors.

Mr. Healy says he thinks the connected packs would be most useful in nightclubs, where people are interested in striking up conversations and want to smoke without being forced outside.

Blu Develops a Social Networking Device for Smokers - NYTimes.com


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