Is this something we would want to know?  I don’t think I’m that curious; however if this come to light and is available, how about the insurance and investor side of this business?  Now that exploitation is a big one based on what’s happening in today’s markets, the human markets.  Analytics on steroids in this effort for sure and again it might be something done at birth but as we get older, we may not want to know.

Scientists are not convinced that the test would work well for the general population.  They hope to offer the test in a year for around 400 pounds, UK.  Now back the area of concern, insurance companies.  It would be a gold mine for life insurance companies as the video states, but again how accurate is the test going to be?  Life settlement life insurance policies are the question and you can read more below at how that works but in short if you outlive the time that is determined, the investors start losing money, so you can see where that goes.  It’s a pretty sick business overall as the investors pay the premiums and wait for you to die to collect a return. 

If You Think The “So Called Death Panels” are Something To Worry About – Read This and Get Educated

One such company is already being investigated by the SEC who is located in Texas.  In one instance the insured had outlived the estimate in 283 of the 297 policies and with modern technology and life saving and extended breakthroughs, this doesn’t look like a real good business model any longer as again investors get impatient and down right mad if you don’t die when predicted, again such a sick business. 

Life Partners Confirms Investigation by SEC-Life Settlements Where Insured Are Living Longer Than the Risk Projections-Investors Paying Long Than They Want

But….on the other hand, let’s turn this table around and find out how long your hedge fund managers are going to live and you can determine on that basis if they are going to be around long enough for you to trust your money with them…hmmm…turning the tables here.  Better yet, let’s get some behavioral analytics on the folks you are trusting with your money as you don’t wan to be surprised with erratic behavior patterns after investing your life savings either.  I read today to where on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange about floor traders soon being tracked with an RFID on their tablet computers within a month.  This is great as some of this tracking finally goes back to the other side and as consumers we want data trails.  Again, insurers have been doing this forever so now if they want some of our hard earned money to invest we want analytics too. 

Behavioral Science for Hedge Fund Executives Hints At the Prospect of New Social Environments-Predictive Modeling Algorithms Showing Status of Well Being

Then there’s also the Dead Peasant policies too and fewer companies are using them today but they are still out there so another area of concern here too.

'Dead Peasant' Life Insurance Policies - Human Hedge Funds The Next Bond Issues

I see a test like this to be a real trouble maker and hopefully our folks in Congress can get some real computing power soon to model and simulate the undesirable affects before anything gets into place.  Health insurers also could take this test and base premiums on it as well with “risk” assessments and they would do that if given the opportunity as I have just about seen worse when it comes to their algorithmic processes as they forget there are humans attached to those numbers. 

Are We Ever Going to Get Some Algorithm Centric Laws Passed for Healthcare!

Congress should read up and be prepared for this new test and and be pro-active instead of reactive as once this test were to get lose and abused, we would be in store for a lot of troubles and worries with being used against us.  BD

Digital Illiteracy Still Plaguing Lawmakers With Not Using High Powered Technology to Model and Simulate Healthcare Laws–Ryan Hasn’t Figured Out He’s No White Hope Yet (Video)

A new blood test claims to reveal how fast a person's chromosomes are aging, and could potentially disclose how long a person will live. Video courtesy of Sky News.

Video - New Blood Test Claims to Reveal How Long a Person Will Live -


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