We have all read how soda, beer and many other items are bad for you and how imagewe need to improve and do better, well the vices for devices folks are not giving up easy:)  First off here’s the Blue Tooth bottle opener from Heineken that talks to your cell phone and goes right to Facebook once you open a bottle.  Just make sure if you are using a device to record heart rates and anything else, do that first and then open the beer bottle and send all your information to Facebook. 


Heineken - The Invite from Max Gebhardt on Vimeo.

You create an event at your location and you can invite friends to RSVP and who ever gets the most wins a free case of beer and you can start all over again.  Keep in mind that all of this is shared so those scraping data and building profiles, depending on how many events you have may see you as a lush and those insurers out there may think you have an alcohol problem or would use it in their risk assessment to give you a score, probably not the kind you want. 

Now for those who don’t want beer, Pepsi has their vice and you can send someone a Pepsi if you happen to imagestumble across one of their new vending machines.   Now with all of this marketing do you think anyone is going to stop drinking soda and beer?  Not a chance but again it’s stuff out there for someone to profile you with, so just keep that in mind and gee someone could really set you up with all of this as we all know that insurers just can’t get enough data these days and will use any inth of data in a risk assessment.  There’s no social tie in yet with social networks but there are coupons there and online too, and we all know what coupons collect, data. 

Pepsi Game

Aetna and Humana though have better idea, they want you to plop your fanny down and play a Farmville type of game, now who’s wants to do that and yet one big oxymoron with trying to get folks to be healthier so you can’t believe everything you read today and maybe it’s just your data they really want as that’s big money selling it today as Walgreens said their data selling business was worth $800 million so see what the beverage folks are looking at too, maybe:)

Aetna To Offer Online Game Social Game For Personal Wellness- Joins Humana As They Have An Online Game Called FamScape

Here’s a nice idea to start a party: A bottle opener that connects with your Facebook and invites all of your friends, from the moment you crack a bottle!

Heineken: Bluetooth bottle opener | Creative Criminals


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