This is actually an interesting interview that goes in-depth and shows a different imageside than what has been in the news of late with the Senator.  I may not agree with everything he says but there are some very good points here when it comes to wasting money with the government.  Back in October of 2010 he also commented on the same topic.  He steps around the Ryan issue when asked about Medicare and does comment on “markets” and that portion I don’t agree with.

Senator Tom Coburn States Government Has Spent Over a Billion Plus on the Deceased For HealthCare and Related Supplies

He talks about the reports he receives from the GAO and talks about how 1/3 of the cost of healthcare is not services that are helping people get better or getting preventive care.  Technology and research taking it’s toll and he states there’s no lack of innovation with healthcare and that I agree with.  We still keep pushing innovation and create gluts of software and proprietary systems that feed on themselves with lack of collaboration.  Also mentioned is that he has collected many reports over the years and that recently they have all been rolled together. 

What the good doctor needs is some additional high powered technology to weed through all his information that can model (and he knows the word) and simulate solutions.  The GAO is good but it’s what is in the past which we need but we also need to project better for the future.  In short with the gang of six it sounds like he just gave up.  Maybe Dr. Coburn needs one of these to help him with calculating data and getting his information together.  BD   

Cray Introduces 50-Petaflop XK6 Supercomputer–First Client is the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre For Medical Research–An Upgrade in Computing Power

In an interview with WSJ's Jerry Seib, Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma gives his reasons for leaving the 'Gang of Six' bipartisan deficit negotiations and offers his own prescription for fixing the nation's finances.

Video - Sen. Tom Coburn Offers a Prescription for Fixing the Deficit -


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