This is an article that I wrote as the request of one of my sponsors for the Micro-Cap Review magazine which comes out once a quarter with articles referencing many types of Micro-Cap companies and modern day technology solutions and imagecompanies featured. Disclaimer, the company is a sponsor of the Medical Quack blog, but who better to collaborate and network with as I mention seeing collaboration efforts falling on the short side in Healthcare all the time.  I have a couple more posts that are a grouping of posts that I have made on this topic and you can find them at the links at the top of the site.  I’m almost thinking here that it might become a pre-requisite to have a Microsoft Tag to sponsor here, as it certainly can’t hurt at all.  

In addition with so many platforms moving to the cloud there’s a mention too of how HealthVault works with Microsoft Tags and is now in the Azure Cloud.  As you may or may not be aware, Microsoft Tags work with the Withings Scale and HealthVault so one technology can stand to answer a lot of calls.  (Use the + zoom at the bottom to brings this article to full page zoom to read).

HealthVault Begins Storing Medical Images (Dicom) Using Windows Azure Cloud Services With Full Encryption

Micro-Cap Review Magazine - FDA Recalls Never End - Featured Article

So why shouldn’t the FDA, Drug Companies and Medical Device Manufacturers have a simple and easy to use system to help consumers find recalls? I have asked that question many times and consumers voted overwhelmingly that they wanted it and more importantly “saw value”.

The “value” here is important as it is the springboard to get consumer/patient participation in other areas of mobile technologies in healthcare, but as of yet, we still have folks doing reports trying to figure this out and so many of the reports could be eliminated by just having some role models finding their own way into participation.

You don’t know how many times I communicate with individuals that don’t even use the consumer health software they create but rather seem to stick to the outdated paradigm of “its for those guys over there’, sad. 

At any rate I hope you enjoy the article and see where one man’s death could have been prevented with such a process and perhaps this will spur come creative thinking with the FDA, Drug Companies and Device Manufacturers, as this is a collaborative effort, something we truly need more of today. 

Consumers need the information at their finger tips and not having to go through and navigate web sites as that is the procedure today.  You can get instant information about computer printers, food items at the story but when it comes to something that could kill you, nobody pays any attention.  BD


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