Boy what a surprise here using an interface that will make it easier to query and access records from both systems.  It’s funny that this was proposed on the imageprivate side a few years ago with free software to develop at Code-Plex and on that side of the table nobody bit as it was still the big race to see who could build the better mouse trap for electronic records for users, and there still is a lot of that around.  I first wrote about the Common User Interface back in 2008. 

Microsoft Common User Interface for Health Applications- Silverlight...and Windows Presentation Foundation

Due to the better mousetrap concept and action, we now have more scribes than ever moving into help the doctors in hospitals enter data as they became much more complex and adding new technologies here also contributed.  At any rate it looks like the VA and DOD have come to the same conclusion here which is a goo thing, and it’s either than or employ more scribes and if systems get any more complicated the scribes will be looking at status and pay adjustments soon for their work:)

The VA and DOD also talked about one day having a common data base for all the information, but don’t hold your breath there as that’s a massive project and right now the interface is doing the work on the pilot program.  Right now though the clinicians on the pilot program see one unified screen where they have access.  BD  

The Veterans Affairs and Defense departments have started testing in their Hawaii facilities an application that will provide physicians from both departments a common view of patient information.

The graphical interface provides a single point of entry and a first step to what will become a joint electronic health record.

The online tool enables the clinician to capture all of the information from a patient from VA VistA and DOD AHLTA electronic medical record systems, combines and collates the information so it is presented as a single medical record to the physician, said Roger Baker, VA CIO.

VA, DOD test joint EHR interface in Hawaii | Government Health IT


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