This could turn out to be a real good thing to encourage collaboration among imageinvestors and entrepreneurs  something that is needed instead of 20 different people working on basically the same thing.  The process here is to also create devices to give information and vitals to keep down the number of visits to hospitals when mobile devices can help out. We of course need devices that consumers, self included, will see value in and use and right now we don’t get much of that but rather too many devices that do provide some monitoring services but on the back end are just as busy collecting our data to sell, not all but there’s enough of them out there.  I like privacy and don’t want those around for my own use as others get the data and use it against what I feel is fair and ethical.  The post below kind of sums up what’s being going on, little or not enough collaboration. 

Innovation Without Collaboration Is Fouling Up The US Healthcare IT System–We Need Both As We Can’t Stand on Innovation Alone

Hopefully we will see some product proto types come out of here that show value and that’s the whole missing link here as all these devices take time to learn and to get the consumer involved, you need value.  I stand pat with my suggestion to scan for recalls as that is the attention getter that has value and everything else in the consumer’s eye is just work.  The idea of being able to scan with a cell phone to find recalls shows immediate value, so perhaps all these folks out there could change paths and start thinking like a consumer as most of the folks I have talked with don’t even use their own creations themselves and want to “sell” it to some one else only as “its for those guys over there’ again.

Here’s value straight up and until something shows value for the consumer, good luck and keep plugging away.  We end up with a glut of software that grabs and sells our data and devices that few use.  I guess innovators have not figured out how to tap into consumer curiosity yet either:)  Granted it would take a collaborative effort of the FDA, Device and Drug companies, but hey can’t they do that?  So far doesn’t look like it at all and the ears of the FDA are about as deaf as it gets, I have tried several times.  This is the VALUE ticket here and until that is given to the consumer devices for monitoring it won’t move much; however the devices used for actual care with nurses and physicians will generate more interest and use ,but forget the consumer until VALUE is created and we have appropriate role models.  BD 


Recalls: FDA Gets the Big Luddite Award with Drug and Device Companies That Do Little or Nothing to Help Consumers-Triad Products Could Have Been Bar Coded To Scan


Healthcare Bar Code Posts

MIT, Analog Devices Inc. and GE Global Research will collaborate to develop next-generation medical electronic technologies at a new research center they have established in Cambridge.

The new Medical Electronic Device Realization Center, or MEDRC, will work on electronic devices, diagnostics and treatments, and technologies for information-driven health-care systems.image

MEDRC co-founder Charles Sodini, who is an engineering professor at MIT, said a radical change is occurring in how medical care is being given, with delivery moving to the point of care rather than having patients travel to a doctor’s office or hospital. “MEDRC will develop technologies for patient-monitoring devices, point-of-care instruments, and the communication technology to connect patients to caregivers,” he said in a press statement.

“A health-care revolution in which modern medical devices are bringing the hospital, laboratory and physician into a patient’s home is well under way,” said Patrick O’Doherty, vice president of the Healthcare Group at Analog Devices. He added that his company and MIT will research new technology that gives patients more control over their health and wellness.

New MIT center to develop advanced medical systems - Mass High Tech Business News


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