Well we have all heard of ad supported so now we have personal ad supported software:)  As far as being certified, the company said we’re not worried about that as it’s all about our revenue and match making for patients, it can make us social again.  BD 

Electronic health record vendor Extormity today announced the launch of "Maximally Invasive", an electronic health record system supported by personal ads. "Max represents a significant departure from our traditional client-server EHR designed to siphon practice revenues directly from customers," stated Extormity CEO Brantley Whittington.

"Since we have driven so many cash-strapped physicians into the arms of acquisition-hungry hospitals, we decided to launch an EHR that taps a new revenue stream."image

Dr. Alan Kincaid, a family physician in Omaha, is an early adopter and fan of Max. "While ordering a CBC and a lipid panel, I simultaneously found a SWF AL SD who is into FTA - I'm not sure what that means but we are meeting for coffee next week," says Kincaid. "In just 8 hours, I used my new Extormity EHR to chart three physicals and a case of strep throat, and I used the ad module to find a handyman who does drywall repair, locate a remanufactured carburetor for a Porsche I'm restoring and purchase a first pressing of The Beatles Revolver album."

Maximally Invasive also enables clinicians to see context specific ads that benefit patients as encounters are documented. "I was able set up a date for one of our patients at-risk for diabetes with a fitness instructor who described himself as hot, healthy and into grueling workouts," added Kincaid. "According to my Extormity sales rep, this qualifies my practice as a medical home. The only real problem I have noticed is that the e-prescribing module defaults to a scrip for medical marijuana from a distributor in San Francisco."


Extormity CEO Whittington vigorously defended Maximally Invasive when asked if the presence of advertising in the EHR might be distracting to clinicians. "Our labor intensive EHR turns cognitive thinkers into clerical functionaries. As ads pop up frequently, it gives physicians something interesting to read while typing instead of listening to boring patients incessantly drone on about health problems." When also asked if Maximally Invasive will be ONC-ATCB and CCHIT certified, he expressed surprise, saying, "This is about our earnings and ad revenues, not the alphabet."

About Extormity
Extormity is an electronic health records mega-corporation dedicated to offering highly proprietary, difficult to customize and prohibitively expensive healthcare IT solutions. Our flagship product, the Extormity EMR Software Suite, was recently voted “Most Complex” by readers of a leading healthcare industry publication. Learn more at www.extormity.com


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