Ok here we go, “patents” on PHRs, those items that have a low adoption rate from consumers, why, it’s work and the value is yet to be seen by the consumer.  I write quite a bit about PHRs and provide links to a few free ones for consumers to get information and get started.  Some “closed” system like Kaiser Permanente do a good job in providing the PHR for the patient, but everyone is not a patient of theirs so we need other alternatives for those outside theirs and others systems. 

If you read around the Medical Quack often enough you know I rant frequently about the lack of role models, especially with PHRs, and for good reason, so do we know if the Surgeon General uses the Surgeon General’s PHR?  Nobody is talking and also at the NIH, does Francis Collins see value in a PHR?  I just ask how about it folks, is this just for “those guys over there”?

NIH Announces Plan to Develop Medical Image Sharing for PHRs-Role Models Would Help Stamp Out “Magpie Healthcare”

When you visit the website, there’s not a whole lot of information to be seen, at least as of today and this is pretty much what you see and there’s an email address given for more information.  Being they have a patent though we may not see more than this on the site, but time will tell.  The PHR is being promoted as a connection that will work with an EMR installation.  Again, it states EMR, so whether or not we have EHR connectivity remains to be seen or mentioned and any platform that can load the information for the consumer instead of one having to manually do it themselves is an obvious plus. One of the reasons to be a “hands on person” is due to the fact that “expert dependency” as we know it today is on a downslide, and this is not due to one’s education and personality, it’s largely due to the fact that we have so much to keep up with relative to data today, that they too can’t keep up as last time I looked we are all still just mortals out there.  BD 


Medical Record Bank has developed a unique internet-based digital personal medical record system that collects comprehensive data from all of an individual's healthcare providers. For consumers, it is as easy to use as e-mail, and it places no new burdens or disruptions on providers.

Accurate and inexpensive, it enables a patient and the patient's authorized doctors to access original medical records from any internet connection globally. The system enables patient labeling and authentication of medical records, so that the records are presented in a user-friendly environment. In addition to a patient-labeled and authenticated chronological medical history, there is a health care diary to complete the health portrait for the intervals when a patient is not seen by a professional provider, and a critical health information summary that offers a snapshot of the patient status. The system also provides disease specific adjunctive tools.

MRB is bringing the benefits of this system to consumers as rapidly as possible by working independently and in partnership with other firms. The system can be used as a patient portal for EMR installations and in other applications ranging from disease management to insurance fraud detection and prevention. MRB also expects to provide licensing opportunities in related areas.

Massachusetts Firm Awarded U.S. Patent for Personal Medical Record Innovation


  1. May i just post this warning.... Anything that is stored on line, ANYTHING CAN AND WILL BE HACKED!. Now i know that is a bold statement to make, but ask Google why they really are shutting down their online health storage service, THE REAL REASON, not the BS they are saying it is because the rate or new customers are falling off. OF COURSE THE ARE FALLING OFF BECAUSE THE HACKERS ARE USING THE DATA TO COMMIT MEDICAL FRAUD.
    I defy anyone to tell me that that is not the real reason. Also how about the VA, they lost 120,000 records to hackers, several major colleges had their students records hacked too, total 240,000 records i can go on.. but you get the point.
    Why tempt fate, you wouldn't get onto an airplane knowing that one of the 3 engines had a known, KNOWN, history of turning off while in flight, and another had a history of well not performing well. That is just crazy right? Well this is the same thing. It is great that everyone of your doctors will compile your history (medical) in one area, hell making it easier for the hackers, but what if i told you that there is an alternative...
    One that is 100% safe, secure hack proof, and the kicker VERY INEXPENSIVE, would you at least look at it and consider it?
    Now i am not going to say that this is the absolute bomb, close but not quite, however how can someone hack it if it is always on your wrist, neck or in your wallet?
    They can't, is the answer. Even if you lose it they cant use anything on it because you have password protected it and can even encrypt it with the same encryption the FBI, CIA, NSA and the other 3 letter groups In the US Government use and that is a free bonus.
    Do I have your interest piqued? Good, check it out, www.sgmscorp.com/products,php or www.usbmedichip.co and you be the judge..
    Thanks for reading my rant..


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