This is amazing when you look at all the time and effort spent on this not only at a Federal Level but also state wise.  Is this all they can discuss when we have many other important issues that need attention?  I mean big issues that require some imagebusiness intelligence skills to fully analyze budgets with tons of information to be able to make intelligent decisions and this is all we get?  What’s up with these folks other than digital illiteracy?  It appears this is a real attempt to discuss something that is familiar rather than maybe learning new technology tricks to do one’s job?  Look at this below, a bill to fine and imprison doctors who perform an abortion without whatever parent notification system them come up with?  

In some state Legislatures we have similar issues and it is insane.  I know I’m not the only geek out here thinking this way as we all just scratch our heads. If you watch the video below Rachel Maddow talks about Georgia and Florida wanting to be able to imprison a doctor for life for performing an abortion…this is all about control and again lack of digital literacy as if they had it, we wouldn’t be seeing all of these loose cannons out there. 


Digital Illiteracy Continues With Lawmakers at State Levels–Insane Laws Proposed And Being Passed-Financial Puppeteers (Video)

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I do have to say I am glad I’m in California where digital literacy is a focus. 

Digital Literacy California CIO Series -Michael Peevey, President Cal Public Utilities Commission-We Need to Get Up to Par

IBM made a presentation on the Hill a while back and again when you have folks that are so focused on abortions, they could not see the value of having technology that would help them do their job better…so sad and so very scary.  BD 

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

Rachel Maddow: GOP focus on eroding abortion rights


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