Where do I start with this?  I t has been 2-3 years of writing about healthcare software applications both for the professional and for the consumer.  The medical records business side is crawling along, but the the consumer side just sucks for a lot of reasons.

I use and do like technology but gee I have posted about so many applications and imagehave tried to make this point so many times, software is not going to grab the consumer, unless of course it’s exciting like World of Warcraft.  I have seen companies try to make the process “fun” and that doesn’t cut it either, because it’s not fun. 

Partners Center for Connected Health Boston Spins Off Venture To Create “Fun” Algorithms and “Fun” Devices to Encourage Healthcare Participation

What is even more lame is to see announcements like the one below in the news, boy doesn’t that just make you want jump up and learn some new software, I doubt it.  They make all the announcements but heck if we know if our leaders find any value, so why should we waste out time with more of this stuff that is “for those guys over there”. 

HHS National Plan to Improve Health Literacy – Not Going To Happen Until We Focus on Using Technology (The Tool for Literacy) Which Includes Role Models at HHS And Other Places in Government

We already saw some of this with meaningful use in the fact that the software and parameters had to be adjusted and again errors like that with proof of concept theories come from those who do not take the time to enhance their knowledge with any first hand experience.  I relate on all different levels here, or at least I try hard, and you know we get all these experts that toot their horns and many just repeat imagewhat they hear, but yet can they put any link information to the HHS site or any other tools on their sites or blogs….very few do.  What’s up with that if you write something you deem important but can’t take a minute to make it easy for readers to learn more?  Is is all about you or is one truly trying to be helpful and informative?

I just think bloggers, and self included need to cozy up with their readers as I see blogging as partners of the journalists we have there today that bring us the news and we add a slant to the topic that makes it personal or write about an event that can make it personal so everyone benefits. 

We have so many healthcare apps out there now – WHEN ARE APPS AGGREGATORS GOING TO GET INTO MOTION? 

It’s like using Windows and then later you graduate up and want Office for a simple analogy.  Its one step at a time and healthcare is missing that boat BIG TIME with finding an area with the consumer to show value. 

You have too much out there scattered all over the place and too many complicated decisions to make, so screw it, let’s zone out and go play World of Warcraft is what occurs.

Everybody knows that has read this blog how I talk about bar codes and mobile technology and the recall systems and/or information it can bring in a very simple matter shows "VALUE”.  If I’m going to make a purchase at the drug store and want to see if a product has been recalled or obtain more information, shoot, point and aim and there’s my information – THAT IS VALUE.  A PHR has not crossed that road yet for the average consumer and thus so we need something that shows value to draw in the crowd. 

So I guess we are going to see 2 or 3 more years of applications running out our ears here and scattered all over the place.  Has anyone tried to sit down and help someone navigate some of this?  I have and it’s not easy.  Consumers are not that dumb in thinking that entering health information is going to be fun, and besides that they don’t see the value as it is not immediate, but will be down the road and in today’s world selling “down the road” is not cutting it.  Heck I spend time asking others who write these elaborate posts on what they use for software and how they manage their information and I usually get…ummm…well….I’m going to do something soon. 

What good is this to have some big profound long post about something you think is good for everyone else, but yet you don’t participate your self, more non participants in the process of “it’s for those guys over there”?

I looked at the pregnant woman software to help send text reminders for expecting Moms and I’m not saying this is a bad idea, but if that were me and I also had a wellness coach bugging me with messages and an insurance carrier riding my back side on compliance, there’s no room for it, leave me alone would be my call.  It’s all in the eyes of the beholder and that add on would be too much as I am too busy already.   You have to remember this is not the only application out there, it’s one of many that appear every day.


We get boneheads like this Congressman, (link below) who set a horrible imageexample of thinking he was above what is supposed to be good for all and I could almost bet he does little more than talk on his phone, much less try a healthcare application, so let’s be realistic about this.  We also have a doctor who died over this and non participation killed him and his last tweet will be on the web forever, what a horrible way to go.

US Congressional Representative Gets Pulled Over for Using a Cell Phone While Driving And Was Live on the Air Doing Radio Interview

You can’t jump on every small new application that appears out there today and just look at what Microsoft throws out for a comparison, all their software doesn’t make it and some that does and proves to be less valuable over time is discontinued.  There’s nothing wrong with being discontinued and actually it is smart to see that something has become dates or not as useful as it could be.image

Consumers are also wary of devices that collect information that could be used against them with 3rd parties and their advertising, employers are embracing behavior based insurance and devices usually come right along with that and insurers are investing heavily.

Target Corporation Partners with Red Brick Wellness Program

When we had the new CMS advertising campaigns this year with old Andy Griffith  -did it do anything to enhance participation, nope.  The videos were great though and I liked them, but it’s the 70s stuff that doesn’t address today.  It did make me think about my old 8 track tapes. 

HHS To Conduct Study on Patient Perception on Health IT – Got A Better Idea Why Don’t They Become E-patients Role Models, and Participants – Make IT Personal and Believable

Medicare’s pilot programs are failing on PHRs too, and that is the most captive group you can get as they have more health issues and are probably the best bet to get interest.  I know I have spoken at senior groups and they are more interested that most other age groups, they ask questions and usually are not big players of World of Warcraft so that’s one less distraction to deal with too on the positive side. 

Until there is such a thing that shows value beyond a small maybe 5% of us that like imagetechnology, the PHR issues are a bust – as nobody has been able to create a real sense of VALUE and role models shrug it off too, so there we are, a realistic view of part of what is wrong here. 

If augmentation were used, such as bar codes or something else along this line, things would move along and VALUE would be seen, and heck even the folks who write about it haven’t touched it themselves on their phones but just repeat.

Microsoft Tags – Microsoft MSDN Posts Ideas from the Medical Quack About Use in Healthcare!

We need to think about stamping out “Magpie Healthcare” as best we can.

Do You Know What Your Doctor Is Talking About – Read up and help stamp out “Magpie Healthcare”

So enough said here on this bit of a rant and hope I made a point that so many are missing this big boat and it sails every day, just a matter of whether or not one wants to be a passenger (participant). 

Current methodologies of dissertation after dissertation not working and getting awfully bulky too. 

Time for a round of World of Warcraft to escape the political environment of “its for those guys over there” (grin).  BD



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