Cloud computing is certainly the way of the future and stands to save money as well as energy and here’s the latest effort between IBM and a subsidiary of Aetna insurance, those are the folks with all the data.  California is busy implementing their cloud services too with Microsoft, but what did we get at the national level, a lack of Health IT literacy as you can read below, no funds out of the Senate, duh?  You can do a search and see comments all over the web on this one and it’s not just me saying this. 

Senate Cuts Cloud Services From Budget That Would Allow for Data Center and IT Infrastructure Consolidation–Back to the 8 Track Tapes Next?

Maybe the issue is similar to these folks that left in the names of the authors on the GOP mission with not being familiar enough with how to work with pdf documents?

The Properties of an Adobe pdf Document -Rachel Maddow Rips the GOP on Lack of General Consumer IT Knowledge And Exposes the Input and Authors of the Content–Lobbyists

At any rate the world just keeps developing around some of this and now physicians with the help of Aetna insurance and maybe it’s time to dump those lobbyists for a trade off of some real Algo Men with no ties to special interests.

From the website:

I”n May of 2005, ActiveHealth was acquired by Aetna, Inc. ActiveHealth operates as a branded, standalone business. We continue to expand our business across all segments including health plans and self-insured employers.”


The doctors will pay a fixed monthly fee for access to the HIE technology and will be able to share data via IBM cloud operations.  Whenever a physician can obtain credible data on treatments and medications already in place for the patient, they are miles ahead and don’t have to repeat items like imaging and lab tests.  BD 

ARMONK, NY – IBM and Aetna subsidiary ActiveHealth Management, alongside Medens Corp., will deliver cloud services to help physicians in Puerto Rico share and exchange health information and make more accurate decisions about patient care.

Currently, fewer than 6 percent of doctors in Puerto Rico use health information technology, and the territory lags behind the rest of the nation in access to patient information, the use of electronic medical records and the ability to share and analyze health data to improve the health of the archipelago's nearly four million citizens.

As a result of the new agreement, Medens Corp., a Dorado, P.R. health IT firm, will provide the cloud-based IBM and ActiveHealth Management solution for collaborative care with the cloud based SOAPware EMR and Practice Management System as the foundation of its own offering, called the Medens Cloud.

IBM and Aetna bring cloud-based care to Puerto Rico | Healthcare IT News


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