We have one more device and this is actually being marketed toward companies to buy and provide for their employees who drive.  image

We live in the world of sensors today and this is one more that could be helpful, as long as it works by attraction with people wanting to use it as a tool and not one more device that creates full data trails for every second recorded.  BD 

  • Accelerometer – registers the movements of the car which are used to calculate driving times and break recommendations

  • High-precision clock – measures driving and reaction times and keeps track of the various risk intervals for the day; these are all factors used to calculate the driving fatigue levelimage

  • Light sensor – automatically adapts the display backlight to suit the light levels in the cockpit

  • Sound sensor – automatically adapts the audible signals to suit the noise levels in the cockpit

  • Touch sensor – ensures easy interaction while you drive

  • Intelligent on/off button – the magnetic base acts as an on/off button so you can save the battery when your Anti Sleep Pilot is not in use

  • Battery-operated – the Anti Sleep Pilot uses a standard AAA battery, so it is easy to install and does not rely on an in-car charger while you drive.

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