Tough economic times is bringing doctors back out of retirement which for patients could be a good thing with a few more being available and I say “few” in this instance as it is not the answer to our shortage of doctors by any means.  Most, according to this article are like the rest of us who need the money.  image

Depending upon how long one has been retired it takes a while to get back up to speed too with items like CME credits, refresher courses, etc.  Many have chosen to work locum tenens or part time.  If one has let their medical license lapse due to retirement, there’s always that process as well to get reinstated with the state boards.  Depending upon how long ago one retired, there’s also the process of exploring electronic medical records to add to the list too.  BD  

Many physicians who retired prior to the current economic downturn -- or became inactive through other circumstances -- are taking steps to re-enter the medical profession, according to a special report published in the current edition of the monthly Jackson & Coker Industry Report.

"The current economic downturn has had a serious impact on the medical profession," said Sandra Garrett, President of Jackson & Coker. "As a result, we have seen considerable interest among physicians who had basically curtailed their medical practice, but now want to revamp their efforts to maintain a livelihood that meets their financial expectations. Regularly accepting locum tenens opportunities is one way of achieving such financial goals."

Inactive Doctors Re-enter Medical Practice As U.S. Economic Woes Continue


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