The J. Craig Venter Institute reported in May of 2010 that it had created the world's imagefirst synthetic genome and inserted it into a microbe that then booted up and replicated.  This is very interesting and 60 Minutes does a good job on showing how Craig Venter started and how the business of synthetic cells is advancing.  He sees things differently.  He had major contracts with pharmaceutical companies and companies like BP.  He could not get NIH funds and relied on private funding and basically is challenging the government.  Nice shot with Francis Collins and Craig Venter in the video. 

Software and cracking the code is what it is all about.  It’s all about those algorithmic formulas so in research, health insurance, etc. it is all about software.  Software is a group of algorithms.  The video talks about reprogramming cells.  It’s just like reprogramming software.  Bioengineered fuel and food is on the agenda.  Flu vaccines may come from synthetic formats. 

White House Commission Established to Evaluate Risks and Benefits of Synthetic Genes – Ethics and Safety

Last year I covered about where he was at that stage.  Big risks are being taken to get there. 

Synthetic Genomics – Creating new life forms

Two interesting videos about the course of sequencing.  Technology is also going into environmental planning and additional medicinal uses.  This is somewhat spooky in the fact that they project in 3 years we will have the capability of creating new life forms that have never existed before.  BD

What's next for J. Craig Venter, whose team mapped the human genome and created "synthetic life?" Maybe next year's flu vaccine he tells Steve Kroft. Sunday, Nov. 21, 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Preview: J. Craig Venter and "Synthetic Life" - 60 Minutes - CBS News


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