In a prior interview Bill Gates said we are spending money insanely and you almost have to agree with this as with this blog I see money being thrown so many different directions.  He delivered the key not at the International Healthcare Wireless convention.  The needs of the poor are not being addressed and he mentions the “human” element that sometimes gets missed with capitalism.  He fears cuts will be eminent with government this year. 

Bill Gates on Reinventing Capitalism–Building A Better Disease Model - Biased Individuals (Politicians) are Depressing and Kill Innovation-Techonomy Conference 2010

Mr. Gates know where technology is going and gets the concept of modeling with software for creating drugs before jumping to the expense of creating actual labs.  This is a good perspective here on how this works.  He also gives credit to the UK for their staying power with money dedicated to research. 

Bill Gates has also invested in technology to keep the cost of research affordable.  BD

Bill Gates Invests In Software Company That Predicts and Helps Generate Creating New Drugs

Bill Gates on Tuesday said capitalism has "systemic" problems when it comes to research, science and poverty, and that's where governments and charities must step in.

The Microsoft co-founder and chairman spoke at the mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C. As is the norm these days, he was speaking as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

"Capitalism does amazing things," Gates said, "but it has one systemic problem in therms of research, in that it doesn't do enough. It has another systemic problem in that the needs of the poorest will not be prioritized the way they would if you put a more human-values-driven system in.

Gates: Capitalism has 'systemic' problems with research, poverty


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