Kinect is certainly popular and and recently I wrote about how it could work with electronic medical records and I’m sure we might see more on that level, but this individual had some fun and figured out how to create some virtual bras.  It’s a fun video and like the music and these are male boobs <grin>.  There’s another video at the link below to show how Kinect works without the bra.  His motions even control the music too. 

Leveraging Gesture Power of Kinect With Windows 7–Future Interfaces/Interactions With Electronic Medical Records (Video)

Not even a month ago Microsoft bought another 3D chip company that also uses imagegestures and you can see their video at the link below, and now we have another company working with the Kinect technology, who also worked with Surface, and it really looks hot too.  I like the gesture handwriting.  You can read more at the Evoluce website and at the blog.  BD

Yes the Kinect from Microsoft can officially track the movements of your head, your hands, and your knees (and fingers, though rumored to be removed by Microsoft). But all thanks to the open source driver, we can now get all sorts of funky concept onto the Kinect. It is now able to detect boobs.

Well, almost. Dan Wilcox, the person how hacked it stated that “the computer searches for my manboobs and draws a bra or pasties on top, and music is played when titties are detected”.

Kinect hacked to track boobs, covers them up with a bra | Tech Life


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