Ok well I have just about heard of everything and this one is a new twist combining sponsorship and money for those women who only want a boob job but can’t afford it.  The women post pictures (no nudes the site says) and they have online chats for a donation until she finally reaches her goal.  Money is held in an escrow account until the goal is met.  Right now when people are just trying to get regular imagehealthcare it’s somewhat amazing that sites this this thrive but men are men I guess and the women who really want a boob job go through the motions.  At first I thought this was perhaps a charity for women who have suffered from cancer and I guess it could, but that’s not what the site seems to indicate and you can watch the video below but the site does have a link to the Komen foundation to ask for a contribution so in essence there is some philanthropy in here if you go to the link on the site. 

From the website:

“Because the ladies never touch the money. We pay the funds directly to the doctors office for the exact cost of the surgery. If a lady leaves the website before she reaches her goal, you are then free to transfer any donations you made to her, to any other girl of your choice on the website. That way, no donations ever go unused here! They will always go towards someone's breast implants!”


Gee, I wish this was all I had to worry about in life right now, but not the case but for those who see this as a really important focus in life, here’s the spot.  BD 

ATLANTA -- According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 311,957 women had breast augmentation last year in the U.S. It continues to be the most popular cosmetic surgery among women in this country.


The obsession led to a revolutionary Web site that will have a lot of guys wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?"

"The business model actually came about in Las Vegas of all places," said myfreeimplants.com co-founder Jay Moore.


Moore and friends came up with the idea for the Web site during a bachelor party in Sin City.

"We utilize a social funding model which is peer-to-peer donations and in this case, it's for breast implants," Moore said.

Website Helps Women Afford Breast Implants - Health News Story - WGCL Atlanta


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