The revamp is needed they said to support the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) initiative and make it easier to exchange patient data.

The Coast Guard just invested in a system from EPIC to also make use of the VLER program, again everyone needs to be able to exchange information.  What is interesting too is that both EPIC and Vista use the MUMPS back end to store data.  I can understand wanting a web based application as it will save installing a lot of software too and make it easier to access.  The article also says there are some bugs to be fixed as well, so what’s new there and what software does not have bugs today, I can’t any.  <grin>.  BD 

$91 Million Prime Contract Awarded to Support Medical Record Sharing Veterans Affairs Beneficiaries–VLER-Lifetime Virtual Electronic Record Program– VA and DOD

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs plans in 2011 to create prototypes to help bring its more than 30-year-old VistA electronic medical record system into the Internet age.

The prototypes will include a browser-based user interface and a multi-tiered technical architecture to serve as a foundation for VistA modernization, according to VA's annual Performance and Accountability Report, published Nov. 15. The document is an annual report card of how well an agency carries out its programs and benefits.

The prototypes will be based on the Aviva system, which stands for "A Virtual Implementation of VistA," The prototype would be Web-enabled, modular in design and capable of easily exchanging health records with other EMRs and organizations using standards built for the nationwide health information network.

VA to develop prototype for VistA overhaul | Healthcare IT News


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