Not even a month ago Microsoft bought another 3D chip company that also uses imagegestures and you can see their video at the link below, and now we have another company working with the Kinect technology, who also worked with Surface, and it really looks hot too.  I like the gesture handwriting.  You can read more at the Evoluce website and at the blog. 

Now moving images around and solving the issue of not having so many clicks seems to be solved.  All one has to do is picture their medical records system on here without needing touch, good way to keep the germs down to a minimum too.  You can see the Kinect camera device on top of the monitor.  BD 

Microsoft Buying 3D-chip Company Canesta–Natural User Interface For PC And Will Take EHRs/PHRs to a New Level Of Interactions


Now I have been working with a Lenovo touch screen portable desktop and I love this one by all means and to have 3D available one day would be wonderful.  I use it as a computer and put a USB TV tuner in it and it does the Media Player thing quite well.  By the way stay tuned here as at some point in time there will be a contest to give one of these away here at the Quack too.

I can write on the surface with the TIP interface too so really no keyboard required for web searching and accessing information too.  BD 

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z All In One Desktop Discussion

Bridging the gap between the power of Kinect and the versatility of Windows 7 is a remarkable feat. In the following video you can see the project in action as the team demonstrates Windows 7 applications being controlled and interacted with for the first time through Kinect.

Now for the rub- the team is actually leveraging Windows 7 to simultaneously control multiple multi-touch and multi-gesture applications, including those using Flash and Java. For software developers this is a big news.

By tapping into the power of Kinect and Windows 7, developers will be able to program multi-user, multi-gesture applications that will forever change the way we interact with our PCs.

According to Evoluce, a software release is not far off. The planned software is based on the latest Evoluce Multitouch Input Management (MIM) driver which delivers standard interfaces for multi-gesture software development for Windows 7, Java, XML, Flash and TUIO.

Kinect Windows 7 drivers: No-touch multitouch incoming! | Electricpig


  1. Fishing Cactus, a game development studio based in Belgium has been working for the last months on a prototype using Xbox 360 and Kinect.

    The project’s name is R.O.G.E.R and stands for Realistic Observation (in) Game and Experiences (in) Rehabilitation. It is a serious game which is used to help patients who suffer from a lack of logic and organizational skills (typically post-stroke patients, Alzheimer, hemi-negligent patients,…)

    More info about the project:

    Actually we are one of the first company to have started working with Kinect on what we call Games for rehab.


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