This is the last place one would look for a gift shop but there’s one here in Los Angeles.  They have shirts, bottles of body fluids, beach towels, etc.  I guess the shirts could say I was in the LA morgue and survived?  image

This is perhaps one more way to keep budget losses down to a minimum by adding retail revenue if the store can start turning a profit as so far it’s not.  The article below says they need a marketing firm?  What will people not sell and market today or should I say what will people not buy.  BD 

LOS ANGELES -- The morgue is about the last place you would think of to go shopping, so it's perhaps unsurprising that sales at Los Angeles County's coroner gift store are next to dead.

Tucked as unobtrusively as possible in a closed-door room off the coroner's lobby, the store is jam-packed with mortality-mocking merchandise: Water bottles marked "bodily fluids," boxer shorts dubbed "undertakers," toe tags, crime-scene tape and beach towels bearing the county coroner's trademarked symbol of a body outline.

They recommend the coroner hire an outside firm with an eye to marketing the merchandise in high-traffic tourist areas, such as Hollywood Boulevard and Los Angeles International Airport.

LA County coroner aims to revive gift shop sales


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