The Office of Criminal investigation at the FDA finds counterfeit and adulterated medicines, and helped bring federal cases to court.  The budget for the office has grown, which is a good thing and the FDA also stated that they would have liked to have a bit more transparency and reports from the criminal office, which reportedly was known for a lot of secrecy.  image

The problem was “outsourcing” is work to a contractor from what the article stated and a letter from a whistleblower was sent to Grassley and as soon as he inquired, here forth came the retirement notice.  BD

WASHINGTON—The Food and Drug Administration's top criminal investigator is stepping down after a whistleblower made allegations about the alteration of internal agency reports and other misconduct.

Terry Vermillion set up the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations in 1992 after retiring as a Secret Service agent. The office has been at the center of the current probe into alleged doping by cyclist Lance Armstrong. The anonymous whistleblower complaint, sent to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), doesn't involve the Armstrong case.

Mr. Vermillion has declined to comment since the letter was first reported last month, and didn't respond Tuesday to an email and a call to his office. The FDA didn't make him available for comment.

Head of FDA Criminal Office Steps Down After Whistleblower Complaint -


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