Back in January of this year HeatlhVault was announced and now it looks like it is here for all to partake and get started.  You can check out the link and there’s a bit imageabout my chat with a German professor who wrote an EMR too, so we talked a lot. Siemens AG is a licensee of Microsoft HealthVault Technology.

Microsoft HealthVault and Siemens Bringing PHR Platform to Germany – And a Look at a German HER

“In October of 2009 I had the opportunity to meet many different representatives from different countries at the World Medical Tourism Conference and one of the most interesting was Dr. Kunhardt from Germany, from the University of Deggenndorf.”  BD

During Medica 2010 event in Dusseldorf, our HealthVault team, represented by Jens Dommel - Head of HealthVault, Western Europe at Microsoft Health Solutions Group, announced the launch in Germany of Assignio, a health platform powered by Microsoft HealthVault. The platform, which will be operated and marketed by Siemens IT Solutions, marks a change in the way individuals can approach their health and wellness and will steer the German health sector in a new direction.


During Medica 2010 in Dusseldorf, we are expecting to hear various discussions around innovation and development in the healthcare ecosystem and we believe Assignio, using HealthVault technology, is one example of how innovation can change an industry. By introducing HealthVault to the German market Siemens will help bridge the information gap between citizens and the professional medical and healthcare organizations that they interact with on an on-going basis.

There are  4 categories of services  within Assignio covering:

• Prevention
• Fitness and wellness
• Patient service
• eMedication (to help with a patient’s previous medication history)

Germany launches its HealthVault platform for all - Microsoft EMEA Health Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs


  1. I´m astonished which kind of software implementations are launched every day. This is one is one of the best in this yeas, it will help us so much. I waiting for a testemonial.


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